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Pixel Alchemists | Digital Compositors, CGI Artists, Matchmovers

VFX Architects | Managers, Coordinators, Assistants, Producers, Supervisors, IT/TD

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We mainly hire digital compositors.

The artisan of the pixel

Alchemists work in an environment filled with joy, team spirit and respect. This team is united and proactively works in creativity. The shots are dispatched in their entirety to each artist, which requires resourcefulness, but in-turn allows them to gain more knowledge. We are far from the assembly-lines, we are in fact, pixel craftsmen! We dispatch the work taking into consideration the different project’s needs and the artist’s capabilities. An Alchemist is always seeking its philosophical stone through the processing of his digital elixirs.

Both digital Alchemists and VFX Architects form a close-knit circle of fraternity and knowledge sharing. It is truly hard to enter the circle without first proving the worthiness of your potential, but once you’re in, you’ll never want to look back, nor wander away from this marvellous place of knowledge.