La Vie Parfaite

38 shots

Job description

CGI creature
FX simulation


Between work, family obligations and the things to pay, the Pedneault-Péloquin family is struggling to catch a breath. The Pedneault-Péloquin’s are the worthy representatives of our lifestyle in high-speed mode. Their lives turn upside down when Eric’s father dies. His mother, Estelle, inherits a financial hole, she has to sell her house to get out of it. What to do? We can’t let her live in the street like that… A “good” solution is needed: Estelle will come to the Pedneault-Péloquin’s home and will lend a hand to help; finally someone will keep an eye on the baby, will do the cleaning and the meals! Finally, it will be possible to breathe! But…

  • Director: Louis Choquette
  • Production company: Attraction Images