About us

About us

Alchemy24 offers outstanding visual effects services for cinema and television.

The ancient alchemists investigated transmutation of base metals into gold. As modern digital alchemists, we possess the secrets of knowledge: We refine light into gold! Alchemy 24 is 24 images per seconds, 24 hours a day and 24Kt gold!

Masters in the digital composition of images, we stand out from the crowd with our boiling creativity, the excellency of our work, our great organisational skills and a pin-point pixel accuracy to indulge the director's fantasy. We ensure an unequivocal quality on each particle of light.



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VFX set supervision

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Recent news

Stranger Things!!

- 1 May 2019 -

We are working on Stranger Things 3!!! Nothing else to say!!!

Release July 4th on Netflix

Success attracts success!

- 4 Mar 2019 -

Marc A. Rousseau recently joined the Alchemy 24 team! With his 20 years of experience in the visual effects industry and many years on the post-production scene in Montreal, he is renowned for his ability to manage vfx studios of all sizes (Mokko Studio, Raynault VFX, Cinesite).

With all new the projects underway and coming up Marc A. is coming just in time to contribute to the growth of A24.

Canadian Screen Awards, winner for best vfx

- 26 Mar 2018 -

Alain Lachance, recently vfx supervisor at A24, had the honor of winning the prize for the best visual effects for his work as a vfx supervisor on the film Hochelagua, Terre des Âmes. Congratulations!

Alain Lachance, New VFX Sup At A24

- 9 Dec 2017 -

It is an honor to count as alchemist Alain Lachance. He is an important figure in the development of the visual effects market in Montreal, particularly for his work as the founder of Mokko Studio. He has a great experience on several important projects and it is a real pleasure to work with him.